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Subject: Warmest place in Canada?
Hello guys, I will land in Canada in April and I don´t wanna live in a place like a freezer, can anybody suggest me a place to settle with my family? my ideal place is like.. near shops, school, work and of course the not so cold place would be preferred.

Thanks in Advance. =)

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I think Vancouver Island is the warmest place in Canada; Southeast coast of Vancouver Island only gets snow probably 2--3 times/ a year. Coldest temperature no over there is more than ?C10 degree.
It??s not too hot in summer too, no more than 25degree.

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Forget about Quebec, Manitoba or northern Ontario.
But then again climate is changing so much that even places that never or hardly had any show, had some snow this year.
You will get used to it and it will not bother you.
First winter I came to Canada, there was 3 meters of snow, it was minus 50 with windchill and I did ask myself where the heck did I come. But then again I got used to it, and now I just love snow.
Up to minus 20 its fine. No worries, you´ll like winter, and snow, and hockey and everything else.

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yep, I lived in Regina before, it´s not such bad. Because always, indoors are much warmer than you think, at least 20 above.

The city I currently live is Nanaimo, British Columbia. This year we got 40??50CM snow, however, the whole Island people have not preparation for the big snow (it??s huge for Islanders). Our traffic and road condition, and driveways are mess up.

We have snow yesterday again, my landlord is senior, I gonna do all sanding job which I don??t mind at all, snowing is fun, you have opportunity to chat with your neighbours when you are cleaning snow.

I remembered when I live in Saskatchewan, we even made hockey court in the dead end narrow street in winter and horse ridding in the snowing day, which is so fun.

Depend on your interest, both weather is fine for me.

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both coasts east and west are the mildest weather. they are also the wettest! you have a choice... not too hot (summer), not too cold(winter), rain OR sunny and hot(summer), sunny and cold(winter) with less rain.

Victoria ,BC always has spring first and winter last.

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From statistics, actually Island has less rain fall than Lower Mainland
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guys what about montreal,quebec?

this is my second year in montreal and i found that city very nice and beautiful although its freezing in winter but the summer here is perfect.

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I haven´t been to east, I heard it´s different country from west; I am not quite sure about that since I have never been there, can??t comment. I know lots of people move from east to the west, especially baby boom generation.

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Montreal... yes Montreal is wonderful but I watch the news too. Sometimes it is so cold in winter you do not want to go outside and sometimes it is so hot in the summer that you want to die. Our poster was worried about cold so we did the tourism BC pitch. :)
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I´ve been to Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal . My favourite is Quebec City... It is a beautiful european looking city.
If I have to choose between Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal the one I like the most is Montreal .It looks like a different country.The caracter of the city and the people are different. I know it gets too cold in the winter but If I would speak french I´d move out there.

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Thanks for sharing guys, really appreciated your efforts, I´m very excited to move on in Canada, it´s a great country with great people... i think i will like snow, coz we don´t have em here in our country.

alas its like going from the oven to the freezer lol. =)

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my fiance tells me it is his dream to come in from the cold outside to a warm house with a fire and a place to feel safe. He also dreams about a summer where the air is not so hot that you can sleep peacefully at night.

Perspective is everything.