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Subject: Vacation in toronto canada
  I am planning to come to Canada, but I just found that I need a visa to come to Canada. I live in Slovenia and I already was in canada once but I never needed this visa thing. Does anybody know how much does this tourist visa cost and how long does it take after you apply. My last vacation was excellent, but it was four years ago, probably my best vacation so far.

Andrea Winter
(in reply to: Vacation in toronto canada)
Check your consulate in Slovenia if there is one, otherwise contact the embassy in Austria.
good luck, we are waiting for you.

Slovenia (in reply to: Vacation in toronto canada)
No there is no Consulate in Slovenia. You need to go to Budapest in Hungary. Here is the address:

The Canadian Embassy to Slovenia,c/o The Canadian Embassy, Zugligeti ut. 51-53,Budapest,Hungary

Slo (in reply to: Vacation in toronto canada)
I thouth ther was consulate or embassy in Slovenia. Well, I´ve seen it in a movie anyway.

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