Marriage--divorce before the interview..A problem?

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Subject: Marriage--divorce before the interview..A problem?
  hey ladies and gents
well to summerize
- I have submetted my file in 2006 and i was single.
- i got married just (a marriage contract) in a small family patry on
sept 2008. prepearing her certificate and the marriage one to attach to my processing file. and a big party was to be held just before going to quebecc.
- but some problems arised and a separation is around the corner!!
- the government of Qeubeec know nothin yet about the marriage and surely the probability of i didnt sumbit any certificate yet..

the question:
if the divorce inevitable. My state will be Divorced and not single as they know..Does it make problems?? shall i tell them the story?

Complicated but not as Jess case..


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