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Subject: spousal visa london
  My wife and I and our two children are living in the UK and planning to return to Canada this summer. In May 2008 I sponsored my English wife for a PR visa (spousal class). The application passed through the initial screening at Mississauga and then the London visa office started processing it in July 2008. Our application is routine, there´s no question about our marriage or any thing else. But it is now May 2009 and we haven´t heard back yet. I have contacted my MP to try to get some information about the status of our application, because the visa office in London doesn´t take phone calls or reply to my letters.

Can anyone tell me what to expect next? Will the visa just arrive in the mail someday? Do we have to go to London to collect it?

Is it possible to get our application transferred to the office in Seattle, so that we can go back to Vancouver and wait for the visa decision to be made?


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