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Subject: Minister to Change Immigration Act
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Well this weekend CIC Minister Kenny informed many in a meeting in Toronto that he will be amending the Immigration Act to stop anyone from charging a fee to assist clients with their Immigration process prior to submitting the application.

The IRPA regulations currently states (in front of an officer) and all CEC, FSW, NOC 38, H&C, Spousal Sponsorships, Family Class Sponsorships do not fall into that definition unless the representative represents the person AFTER the application is submitted. They check it on e-cas LOL.

Now the Liberals including all other parties within the Standing Committee of CIC tried to stop un-regulated representatives before and failed.

I wish him luck.

I have a neighbor who fixes cars in his driveway. Canadian Tire and I are upset about this phony garage. The City has tried and failed, the province and the Federal government could care less.

Now I´m in downtown Dubai, Paris, London, Kyiv, Moscow and I have a sign offering assistance. How can the Federal government stop this?

WOW go to Dundas and Spadina in Toronto (China Town) and their is hundreds if not thousands of un-authorized representatives.

I could care less I sell myself by being better not equal.

I think time spent would be better served fixing something else.


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Still better than new zealand ,
New Zealand immigration from the next monday will refuse applications coming from non licenced consultant ,and it seems that all application will be sent back lollll it seems that immigration department is performing the HAKA (Maori war dance) on the illegal consultants :-)

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Yeah what the government authority types need to understand that a crook is a crook whether he/she is regulated or not.

Consultants where regulated because (crooks) individuals who called themselves Consultants where taking people across the US border. Now because of regulation 11 there is no logical reason to do that if your an Immigration Consultant. Others where creating false documents which has not stopped because of regulation.

An unregulated Consultant who helped Uncle Tom and Cousin Charlie would come highly recommended to assist with a CEC or NOC 38 or even a Spousal regardless of a certificate and how would anyone know they are running an Immigration business?

If they had no web site nor ever advertised only the people in the ethnic community would know. I never have had a google advert and have not advertised in print media in six or seven months. I exist! I know two Ghost Consultants in Toronto that have been in business for more then twenty years each. Like some new Law will make them stop LOL LOL

The problem is not small time Entrepreneurs (Ghost Consultants) who can sell Immigration Advice in their first language but if your going to create legislation make it fair for all concerned.

Like after waiting five years for your FSW to be approved you get a refund and that is it!!!!!!!!!!!

I doubt this is true but gossip has each province Law Society taking over all of the Immigration Consultants in each province as per one MP. Apparently the government will cover the cost of each existing authorized representative to join the various Law Societies, yeah right. If it sounds too good to be true, but hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Time will tell but there are still an awful lot of people willing and trying their best to cheat the system.

Lets get rid of the criminals by staying or withdraw charges after their removal is affected.
Lets get rid of spouses that use others just to get into the country.
Lets say something other than "In Process"!

Focusing on small time Entrepreneurs (Ghost Consultants) seems such a waste of time, money and effort.


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