After medicals what next

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Subject: After medicals what next
  I finished my medicals on 30th March 09. How much time do i have to wait for them to request for my passport for visa stamping.
Please let me know as i have been told 2-3 months but I know some who have got it in less than that time. I am pressed with time as my kids have to enrol for school, university etc...

After medicals what next (in reply to: After medicals what next)
Check with the immigration office. Send them email or fill out the online electronic form.

I ave done medical on Nov 08 and still waiting, some ppl in the forum is waiting more!. The office advised me on March that they are doing background check.

From my experience, always try to contact the office as you never know, they might have sent you a letter by mail and iy got lost. It happened with me!

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