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Subject: Sponsor Question IMM 1344 Question 10
  I´m filling in form IMM 1344 (Application To Sponsor And Undertaking) and I came to question 10 that asks if you are a Canadian Citizen? The answer to this is YES since I am a Canadian born person, but then the next question is ´Became citizen on..´ How can I answer this since I am born in Canada? The the next part asks ´Permanent Resident´ Should I say Yes or No? This part is confusing.. sorry. What have others done in this section?

Anyway, any advice would be nice, I´m stuck here.
Thank you!

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James and your applying for __________ by yourself! Some can fill any form in easily and others oh well hmmmm be polite Roy.

Canadian Citizen since when??????????????

"Became a Canadian Citizen on"????????????

When you were born!!!!!!! Put down your birth date!

No issue of PR skip question.


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Thanks Roy, Just with reading how picky some officers are, I just wanted to be sure.

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Hi guys
need some help..
i applied for PR spousal in Canada class.
applied OCT 7 2008
start processing nov 7 2008
transfer to local cic 23 April 2009
got a letter from local CIC saying due to high volume of application my application could delay up to 12-24 months
in that case what can i do.
can my spouse withdraw the application and re submit it as outside Canada class. I have a visitor visa valid to travel outside Canada. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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