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Subject: help on detail police service sheet
i need help, and would like to know if anyone has been through this...i am canadian, my husband is from the dominican republic, i am living there due to my work, i have been married for nearly 2 years, with him for the last 5 years...i sent my canadian immigration application february 2008, got accepted as sponser in march 2008, but my file was only opened in haiti (which is where the docs are processed) in may september, i was requested to send more information via a doc called: detail police service sheet" seeing that my husband is a military. i sent that back in september and i got a reply just yesterday saying:
"your application is subject to statutory requirements. the law requires that they be satisfied before an applicant may be granbted permanent resident status. The background investigations are conducted by outside agenciesand the time taken to conclude the checks is not not under our control. they usually last 18 month."
this was sent in april 09...when they received my info in sep 08....when does this 18 months start and what is this all about...he is not a criminal he is a police officer and a military...
Does anyone know of where i can get help to make this move anyone ever hear about this...this is completly ridiculous its been over a year now and i am still waiting...and i got to wait another 18 months???? No way!!!
please i need help....someone give me a heads up!!!!
thank you kidnly..
A desperate person!

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