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Subject: To Roy ( PR for coming child)
  Dear Roy, I contacted to CHC London regarding my coming child PR and they answered like this:
"The child of a permanent resident of Canada does not automatically become a permanent resident if it is born outside Canada. To obtain permanent resident status for the child, one of the child?s parents will have to submit a sponsorship application under the family class category. For more information on family class sponsorship, please visit the following website:

As per the instructions on the website and in the immigration guides, you will see that the completed sponsorship and the application for permanent residence completed on behalf of the child have to be submitted to the Case Processing Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. The visa office in London, UK, only becomes involved later in the process.

A very important point is that a sponsor, who is a permanent resident, must reside in Canada from the time they submit the sponsorship and remain in Canada, until the person they have sponsored becomes a permanent resident. The child would have no official status in Canada, until they become a permanent resident. A Canadian sponsor may submit an application from outside Canada.

We advise against travelling to Canada with the child before the sponsorship application has been finalised and the child´s immigration documents have been granted".

Why they advised me not to travell with child before matters have been finalized>>>that I don´t understand. I wrote them again why is that and they did not answer anything except answered the same it was before. Hopefully, you can make some sense. Thank you

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