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Subject: PLZ help: extension of my status
  I came to Canada as a student almost 2 years ago.

My study permit (non-degree program) expires in September 2009.

I already applied for perminent residency (as a skilled worker) in 2008 october, and a received a reply from Buffalo that the documents are received -so now I can track my file online and it says there "in process since march 2009".

I´ve lived in common law relationship with my boyfriend for almost 2 years already.

My questions is: can i extend my stay?? (i m not goint to study or work right now), i still have student visa till september and a study permit till september as well.

i found this link
is it what i should do?

if yes - 1 why they ask for the acceptance letter from education institution if i am just extending my stay as a common-law partner.
(not applying for study permit, as i m not going to study)
2 what should i indicate in the line "i wish to extend my stay till YY MM DD"??? (they give choice?)

thank you for any help!

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