Should I apply for Citizenship now?

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Subject: Should I apply for Citizenship now?

I am PR living in Canada for continuous 30 months now. I landed for the first time three years ago(2006) but I had to leave Canada a few weeks after landing returning back to live with my Canadian wife & children who were living outside Canada(we were living together outside Canada before my landing).

They could NOT come with me when I landed because my wife had work obligations and could not leave that country at that time to return to Canada. We had to stay together for another six months to arrange for our final leave.

Do you think the judge will take in consideration that situations if I am going to apply for citizenship now or I have to wait for 6 months to complete 3 years in Canada.

The reason I left Canada after landing that I had to arrange for my family leave so we can come back together to Canada.


continuously for 30 months;however

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What´s the hurry? Are you preparing to bolt out for your international obligations (in taleban areas)? Why can´t you wait 6 more months or even more if you are living in Canada? Something sounds not right and if someone like me takes your case, you may very well be disqualified. Too many leeches seem to have infested this poor country!
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Generally you can´t apply till fullfilling the full 3 years.

However, you still can apply and your case will be decided by a judge; but you have to justify that with very good reason. It is not so easy like you said. Your reasons won´t be accepted I can tell for sure. Such cases are very very common and all of these guys can´t claim citizenship.

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We´re relax that you´re not immigration officer. Just chill out.
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To Relax:

I think you have to change your name disrespectful man!!.You ´re nothing to judge citizenship decision. only you have to be disqualified to live in this country for racism.
We have enough stupid here so we do not need more like you.

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You don´t qualify for citizenship yet, you don´t have the minimum of 1095 days living in Canada. The fact that you were outside of Canada with your Canadian wife only fulfills your requirements to keep your permanent residence status but again NOT for citizenship.



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30 months x 30 days/month = 900 days

Less than 1095 days required for citizenship

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