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Subject: Employer replied in french
Hi everybody,
I am applying for a job in Quebec. I wrote email in English but the potential employer replied in French. What do you suggest whether I may reply in English? Although I can write in French as well but I will have to make an extra effort. Thank you very much for kind guidance.

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Is the job located in Quebec or the hiring office is there ? If you will be working there, I think he´s making a statement to you that the language of business is French. If you can respond in French I recommend that you do.

I have just found employment in Quebec with a civil engineering firm. In my case we have offices nationwide and they needed a bilingual engineer. I had 2 interviews in French and 2 in French, including an office visit in Montreal.

Speaking French will give you a big advantage working in Quebec. I wouldn´t say it´s a must but very hard to do without it, depending on the type of job.


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