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Hi All,
My Husband had applied for canadian PR in 2004.Finally in feb 2009 our file was submitted to CHC, But no updates since then. Can someone let us know as to how much time do they take?. Like when should we be expecting some response from them.
Any pointers are appreciated.

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Go to this website to see the timelines and experiences of others.


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Thanx for the quick reply, i saw this forum too.
Well to elaborate, We got an email in february from the consultant office saying that they are in process of submitting our IRPA documents. For this they needed the updated documents. What does this mean? i mean to ask that has our file reached the CHC?
Its been long now, n we are waiting like anything for this to come. It will be great if u could answer this too. We are very confused at this stage..
thanx a lot for ur help.


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