Initial Assesement received but no medical request

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Subject: Initial Assesement received but no medical request
  Hi all,


I have received the initial assesment (IA). they said that i do not need an interview, that no further documents are needed. But the last section is called "medical inforation" it says that medical forms and instructions are attached, please submit medical exams within 60 days."

the problem is that there is no medical forms attached. I have two theories:

1- They forget to include the form
2- they are not ready to send the forms yet. Now this section was not cheked with a pen. they checked "additional documents to supply" saying that there is no further documents needed and they cheked the section where ask for fees to be paid($490), in this one there is only an arrow in font of the statment that says that "your fees are fully refunded if for any reason you decided not to immigrate".
The medical section was not checked does that mean that it is not needed yet? are these letteres are standard and only checked items are relevant to the applicant in question (myself in this case).

After completing the interview in New York, the interviewer gave me an information package related to the federal process. In that package there are few pages related to the medical exam. there is a letter that sates that I should send my medical with the federal application. There was section A and first page of section B attached to that package. Now, the interviewed indicated that the medical form will be sent to you by federal immigration. on top of section A which is one page it indicates that I should send it with application to the federal.

Is it possible to go ahead to a the designated doctor, complete the medical and forward it to them now?

It is important to note that I am an international student in Ontario. and immigrating to Quebec.

Anyone has information or semilar experience please help.


PLease help here (in reply to: Initial Assesement received but no medical request)
anyone has any idea please help thanx
Initial Assesement received but no medical request (in reply to: Initial Assesement received but no medical request)
Since that medical section was not checked, then may be they dont require the medical at this stage. However, you can contact the immigration office through the email or electronic form to ask if you need to do the medical. They might have forgot to attach the form and check the box. You never know!
The medical form is important and they must send it to you. It has your photo on it. If you visit a designated examiner now, he wouldn´t conduct the exam unless you give him that form. H

Withdrawl (in reply to: Initial Assesement received but no medical request)
I have applied through a representative. My application is in process stage. For some reason I dont want to continue with the immigration procedure. I have requested my repesentative to withdraw the file for me. But he didnt do it.

How can I apply myself for a withdrawl?

Md. Iqbal Hossain
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