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Subject: Place of residence
I´m applying for Canadian PR. I´m a S´pore citizen and I stayed in Vietnam for as long as 6 months for biz. Do I need to state my place of residence as Vietnam, and also need a Vietnam police clearance?
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Place of residence (in reply to: Place of residence)
Hi Tran
I myself am a Singapore Citizen, currently a PR in Toronto,
I had lived in the US, and Philippines for a few years, you will need a Vietnam Police clearance as well as a CID
Singapore clearance.

Place of residence (in reply to: Place of residence)
Thanks for your prompt replies.

Hi tlim

How´s the economic climate in Canada? Did u apply
under skilled or PNP, or others? I´m applying under
skilled. I heard/read PNP is faster, and New Brunswick
is destination of choice.

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I applied under the Investor program, thru a lawyer in Toronto,economic climate like anywhere is slow but recovering.I am not familiar with PNP program and your destination of choice, therefore I am not able to advise you on that subject matter.
Good luck


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