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Subject: PR Status
I have some queries regarding immigration.I became PR of Canada on Nov 7 2008.I stayed with my wife for only a week.

My wife applied immigration papers for me through some immigration consultants or lawyers and now with the help of same lawyers or consultatnts they are trying to revoke my PR status and also to mention I have submitted all genuine documents nothing was misrepresented from my side.

I came back from Canada on Dec 8 2009 as there was argument with my wife and as a result she laid false allegations of domestic violence against me.I am in India from last 5 months.I did´t marry her for Permanent Residence and marriage was genuine as it was performed with every ritual and was issued visa after one year as this was my wife´s second marriage.

My inlaws have ruined my life I left everything in India and went to canada.Now I do not know what to do.My inlaws along with my wife are trying every possible means Cancel or revoke my PR Status by prooving that Immigration fraud.I do not marry her For Permanent residence, but now I have no choice but to go to Canada and start my life there.Can i move back to Canada afer 1 year permanently.

Please help or guide me what should I do whether I should say in India or go back to Canada,coz I have to complete 730 days out 5 years.I have lost everything now I do no want to loose what I have..I have paid a huge price for this...

My questions are.

I have Police report of domestic violence which was unfounded i mean domestic violence was unfounded and i was released there and then.

1 If i go back to Canada and apply divorce after 1 year. Can I sponser my parents after a year will my case closely scrutinized because i have read somewhere at this forum tat marriages that broke down early are mostly considered as marriage of conveneince.

2 Also if i marry again and try to sponser ay girl I know that my case closely watched , but I have domestic violence report issued by police which is in my favour and says that my wife does not want me to stay at her residence and also report states that my wife laid false allegations of domestic violence against me as there were too many incocestncies in her statement.

3 Will I recieve letter from immgration asking me to appear before immigration officer I am not afraid but if need arises I have police report mentioning the whole incident.

4 I came to India after that domestic violence incident as I had no body i Canada to support or help me.I had no intentions of marrying her for the purpose of immigration.Pleae help as now i have to settle my life in India or in Canada!!!!

Please explain!!help and guide me as i am in India now..I do not know what all my in laws have done against me in order to proove me wrong and guilty.

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Domestic Violence Report?????????

Where charges laid and if so what was the outcome. Did you fail to report to Court?

You got your PR status by being Landed in November of 2008 and must have left in one month because it is not Dec. 2009 yet.

The fact that you were released by the Police does not mean charges were not laid against you. It also does not mean that charges were laid either.

Ethnics from India really seem to use the Canadian court system to seek revenge for family issues when there is little or no evidence. You might be a victim!

Now the women here on this forum will roast you alive for even being involved in a domestic and assume all men are evil but.....running away never proves anything.

If you want to come back, do so, and face the music like a man, not a child like you have been doing.

R U telling the truth????????

Your question #2 about sponsoring another wife sure makes me believe your not telling the truth and that you really did enter Canada in a (MOC) Marriage of Convenience so even though you´re a man I´m on your previous sponsors side.

Get out the handcuffs CBSA.


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Hi Roy,

Thanks for your instant reply.I want to clear some things regarding which you have replied.

To start my wife has joint family and she and her parents stay in brother in laws house. My only mistake was i married a divorced wome who was in need of true partner.

1 I didn´t married her for Permanent residence. I came back exactly aftre a month after speding 20 sleepless nights without any food or shelter in some Gurdwara in Toronto.Thanks to gurdwara people thete in toronto.

2 Regarding domestic violence incident I want to elaborate something. There were no charges laid against me as police report says that there were too many inconsistencies in my wife´s statement.

3 There is reason in above statement why police said this, Police only detained me for 40 min and released me aftre that because
Domestic violence didn;t occurred there was only a hot argement between me and her family members on 16 nov after which i left my wife´s home went to some friends home.

So exactly after 2 days she went to Police Station and reported false allegations of domestic violence, which the police said was unfounded domestic assault aftre there thorough investigation.

My inlaws laid false allegations so that it can effect my immigration status however it went against them.

3 I applied for Right to information at police headquarters because i knew i was innocent i have copy of that report with me.I applied for RTI so that i can tell my parents and my wife relatives what happenned out there in TORONTO.

4 I didn´t ran from Canada I myself came back becasuse my inlaws were threatning my parents back home.I came back bt because i wanted to start my life with my wife not with her parents or brother in law.

I am ready to come back one thing i wanna tell to whole this time my inlaws will face the music because they in CANADA Indian people use make fool of people like me after marrying and sponsering sposue if there is something wrong they straight say that it MArriage of COnvience.

5 This was my wife´s second marriage to Indian guy earlier also she acused a guy for same reason in India and revoked or cancelled his sponsership.

6 I asked you about my second marriage because same day i have to get marrry and for that i have to apply for divorce for which my inlaws are not coming to India to settle out things niether they are willing to send my wife to India.

7 I was harassed at my in laws house and was threatned. My inlaws are nt coming to India to gibve me divorce.

8 In India as you know Roy how complicated is the divorce Procedure, this is the reason I am willing to come to Canada so that they are not able to ruin my future life.

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Dear Sir/Madam,

This is regarding the canadian immigration. My husband got canadian immigration permanent resident (PR) before we got married.

He lost his PR card, got it complained and again appeared for the interview to get the VISA.

He got the Visa and also informed the canadian embassy that he is married now.

Can he take his wife along with him? If no why?

Does he need to apply for his wife from India or Canada?

Is there any alternative ways to get VISA for his wife to go to canada along with him

Kindly advice or suggest as I´m in great help of yours

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Hopefully he formally informed CIC about his change in status. HE MUST DO THIS.

He has 2 choices - stop his immigration process and wait for his wife to be added to the application. This will require medical tests, police clearances, and enough evidence to prove that the wife is not just looking for an easy ticket to Canada. 3-4 month delay - easily.

other choice - go to Canada by himself and sponsor his wife. She must remain in India during this process. He will need to have a job before he is eligible to sponsor and you can anticipate a 6-9 month wait. Again, the wife will have to undergo police and medical checks and CIC will need to be satisfied that the marriage is genuine and not for immigration purposes.

The wife could attempt to obtain a visitors visa but it is highly unlikely it will be granted. Her ties to home would have to be established and assurances given that she would return home at the end of her visit. She would not be eligible to work while in Canada.

no good solutions - so pick the one that hurts the least.

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If he declared change in marital status after the visa had been stamped in the passport, then nothing can be done. He´ll most likely be asked to surrender his passport for visa cancellation.

In case, he declared his wife before the visa was stamped, then he could add the wife to his PR application or he can declare her as non-accompanying spouse (recommended) and sponsor her later.

To sponsor a spouse, the only condition is that you should not be on government support. There are other conditions too, such as no conviction for sexual assault, etc. While, income is not an issue but CIC will try to evaluate whether the sponsor will be able to fulfill his obligations. Most cases, this should not be an issue.

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My wife spoenserd me one year and two months ago from canada. My cic.gc status shows the application received 13 september 2008 and processesing. After then they asked for new medical tests and after passing two months of new medical test they did´nt sent any reply. How much more time they can take for our application process. I am from pakistan and my wife is canadian citizen.f

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Hello all,

I am really confused about the time taken for immigration.
My wife is a nurse in India, and I am in software field. For immigration, she is the applicant and myself, the dependent.

We started giving the documents and I believe our processing started by March 2009 under FEDERAL SKILLED WORKER CLASS.

Just a month back, we paid the $550+$550 (processing fee) and awaiting for the receipts.

Our consultant says that the medical tests will be within 2 weeks and our visa will be issued 40days after medicals. He says it will take that time only under FEDERAL SKILLED WORKER CLASS. Is that right?

He assures me, atleast by november 2009, we will be in canada. Can I believe his words?

Please guide. I am really confused. Any help would be appreciated.


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your consultant is making statements that he has absolutely no control over. Medicals sometimes take longer and background checks can take months.

Assuring you that November 2009 is the date is plain rediculous.

All you can do is wait, as patiently as you can.

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Thanks Sharon for your reply.

I would like to ask one more query. Comparatively, how severe is the Recession in Canada? Did it affect Nursing vacancies? Is Canada still in shortage of Nurses?


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Canada is short of nurses and healthcare workers but due to healthcare budget, just not hiring as many as before.