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Subject: PR AND DV
  Hi Roy,

Thanks for your instant reply.I want to clear some things regarding which you have replied.

To start my wife has joint family and she and her parents stay in brother in laws house. My only mistake was i married a divorced wome who was in need of true partner.

1 I didn?t married her for Permanent residence. I came back exactly aftre a month after speding 20 sleepless nights without any food or shelter in some Gurdwara in Toronto.Thanks to gurdwara people there in toronto.

2 Regarding domestic violence incident I want to elaborate something. There were no charges laid against me as police report says that there were too many inconsistencies in my wife?s statement.

3 There is reason in above statement why police said this, Police only detained me for 40 min and then released me because

Domestic violence didn´t occurred there was only a hot argement between me and her family members on 16 nov after which i left my wife?s home went to some friends home.

So exactly after 2 days she went to Police Station along with her family and reported false allegations of domestic violence, which the police said was unfounded domestic assault after there thorough investigation.

My inlaws laid false allegations so that it can effect my immigration status however it went against them.

3 I applied for Right to information at police headquarters because i knew i was innocent i have copy of that report with me.I applied for RTI so that i can tell my parents and my wife relatives what happenned out there in TORONTO.

4 I didn?t ran from Canada I myself came back because my inlaws were threatning my parents back home.I came back because i wanted to start my life with my wife in Toronto not with her parents or brother in law.

I am ready to come back one thing i wanna tell to everybody on this blog.
My inlaws will now face the music because in CANADA people like these make fool of people like me after marrying and sponsering spouse if there is something wrong in relationship or spouse from India doesn´t obey there orders... they straight forward say that it is Marriage of COnvience and Immigration fraud.

5 This was my wife?s second marriage to Indian guy earlier also she acused her previous husband for same reason in India and revoked or cancelled his sponsership.

6 I asked you about my second marriage because some day i have to get marrred and for that i have to apply for divorce for which my inlaws are not coming to India to settle out things niether they are willing to send my wife to India.

7 I was harassed at my in laws house and was threatned. My inlaws are not coming to India to give me divorce.

8 In India as you know Roy how complicated is the divorce Procedure, this is the reason I am willing to come to Canada so that they are not able to ruin my future life, otherwise I have no interest left in Canada.

9 The reason i asked you about second marriage because at some day I have to get marry I do not want to get into trouble becauue of what all happened i have to make decesion if it is a problem in future to sponser anybody so I will drop my Plans and stay in Canada and will try to settler my self here in India.

I dont know how you straight forward said I have some other intentions like Marriage of Convenince or something.

I have to make decsion whetger o settle in India or Canada becasue I have to look aftre my career and family.

10 Particularly i want to sposner my parents that is the reason i asked you question of sponsering.

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