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Subject: Preserving Permanent Residence
  Hi All,

I am married to Canadian Citizen. I landed in Canada on Nov 7 2008.I Stayed at her residence for a week I was harassed by my in laws,I left her house and came to my friends house,thereafter my wife laid false allegations of domestic violence and against me. I was arrested and released unconditionally there and then after an hour and was told there are no criminal charges against me, as officer came to know that my wife was lying and told me to stay away from her.I was so scared and tensed that I left Toronto and went to Vancouver Stayed there for 2 or 3 days again came back to Toronto and stayed at someone´s residence. I applied for Right to Information about my case as I know I was Innocent, I was given Right to Information Report by paying 70 dollars at police headquarters.Report clearly says that it was unfounded domestic assault and there were too many inconsistencies in my wife´s statement.So no police action is required.

I was so upset with all this and didn´t stayed or waited for my PR card decided to go back to my home country I returned to home country exactly after a month.I was all alone in that alien country I am depressed, this girl has ruined my life.Now my wife is again laying false allegations against me that it I married for Permanent Residency and it was a fraud marriage and it was "marriage of convince". My in laws are faxing this false allegations to immigration department that i should be deported from Canada,but i am already out of Canada,as they do not want that i should come back to Canada.I am in my home country from last three months.My in laws were threatening my parents in my home country so i came back. My Parents and whole family is very upset, my wife is not willing to come to home country, I need divorce so that i can start my new life

My questions are

1 If i go back to Canada can immigration officer question me why did i went back in one month after landing ?

2 I have My PR card, one of friend brought me My PR Card as he was coming home.

3 Will there be problem if i move back to Canada after a year and try to settle my self there,because i have lost everything.

Please help!!!I didn´t married her for Permanent Residency as i have traveled abroad quite a few times.

What should I do!!!Should I contact Canadian High Commission ?

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The very first argument and you run away for good?

If every thing is the truth come on back.

Again I find your posting unusual that the address you gave for your PR card to arrive was not your brand new families address. I doubt if the wife and her parents hate you so much that they would turn your PR card over to your friend.

I want to believe you but.........things do not make sense.


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