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Subject: landing questions
  hi, if all goes fine i should get the visa very soon and land in little over a month...
i will be landing through a commercial an far i know that i have to prepare a list of things i will bring in with me as an immigrant. i know that i can bring things later after i land, having lived in the united states i still have items there that i will bring in by car later. first time i land i will just have regular luggage...
so my question is, after i land the first time and considering i have already prepared the is there a time limit before which i have to finish bringing the rest of the items on the list?
do i have to bring everything on the list or can i leave some stuff behind? (i know the second one seems obvious..should be able to leave things behind...but do i have tell them in advance or modify the list...
please some clarification

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Hello, Whether you bring the stuff later or not, it´s wise to list everything..the customs won´t mind later if you don´t those stuff ( which you left at home).

There are no time limits to bring stuff listed on your list.

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