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Subject: Commonlaw sponsorship application
  I would like to sponsor my boyfriend in the commomlaw sponsorship program. We have been seeing each other for the past 2 years. The problem is he had an arranged marriage in his village 4 years ago and he and his wife also had a child together. They have not been living together for 3 years although he sends financial support to his family. The marriage was never officially licenced. Last year I tried to sponsor him for a tourist visa to visit Canada and on the form we stated that he was married and had 1 child. The visa was rejected because they didn´t believe that he would return to Canada as well he couldn´t prove he had enough funds. Now that our relationship has become serious I plan to move to Nepal and live with him for at least one year. Does the fact that he was married, and that he has a child complicate the sponsorship. Because he is no longer living with his wife and a marriage licence was never issued, does this information need to be put on the application for sponsorship? I want to make sure that we follow the proper rules so that sponsorship is possible.

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Seeing each other and living common law is too totally separate issues.


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I will be moving to Nepal in Oct and we plan to live together for the next year. My concern is how immigration in Canada will view his past marriage and child, and whether we should include this information on the application.

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I would like to request to someone for the sponsership letter for the apply to Canada. If it is possible please send me Sponser letter. It would be greateful if you could kindly cooperate with me. Thanking you very much.
Dendi Sherpa
Kathmandu, nepal

Dendi Sherpa
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given that he has listed himself as married with CIC, he is going to have to have some sort of divorce documents and you are going to have to produce some serious validation that you are living common law (and I am not meaning sex photos)
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Too bad about the sex photos, I have so many, and I thought that immigration might get their rocks off looking at them.
Thanks for the advice

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I would like to sponsor my common law partner, she is in oman no, before i migrate here im living with her in 2 years, i dont know what to do, please help what is my next step, because she finish her contract in oman this coming 2013, please give me idea how can i sponsor my girlfriend, its same sex partner, i know canada its legal.. thank you jann
janet reyes
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