Hi Roy, I don´t care if you believe...

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Subject: Hi Roy, I don´t care if you believe...
  Hi Roy,

I don´t care if you believe me or not. I have belief in God and God knows I am innocent and truthful.

I will definently return to Canada and will make my life there.As far as my wife and her family is concerned I will not spare them easily, I will definently file a Criminal law suit for trying to falsely implicating me in the case.I will settle the scores pretty soon.

Let us see what happens only time will tell!!!!Who is truthful and who is not.

As far I know they cannot do anything about my Permanent Residency.It is now my responibility to respect and take care what I have got from these bloody stupid inlaws!!!!!!!! for which I didn´t came to canada.

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Yes son belive in God and God will show your way
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Well I stand proven correct again.

You claim you will go to the courts of Canada and continue this fight because.....so your right and they are wrong. Lets see there was only you on your side and at least three of them who can get their friend to say they were right and you were wrong.

What a waste of court docket time.

If you don´t go to court they won´t even know for sure your back in Cnada.


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not sure what the story is...but dude if it´s about fighting with ur inlaws i say it´s not worth it. why waste ur time , money and energy just to prove something to someone.
if it´s about getting urself clear of charges and criminal things that it´s worth the fight.
don´t waste ur time...life is too short

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you have a very interesting idea about the court system in Canada. You have been watching too much TV
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iam not commenting any case.
the court the judges are pretty well trained to not to be influenced by one part of the conflict just because they are 200 against 1.
if the 200 hundred talk and witness laoudly and yale and the other part speak an average english and talk not laoud, the judge wont be influenced.

i remember on the news a few years ago , a guy who start to non stop insult a judge and the judge got mad , and you know what he did? he transfered the case to another judge just because he was mad and he wasn t suposed to.

i trust canadian judicial systeme

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I like a man who obtains PR status based on a spousal sponsorship and puts down another address other then his partners for his PR card. Gets into an argument the first week he arrives and the police are called.

Disappears somewhere and makes his In Laws so angry they are claiming to all authorities he entered into a MOC. The In Laws and their daughter make such a fuss that he is afraid to return to Canada even though he claims he did nothing wrong.

I prefer Judge Judy!!!


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