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Subject: request medical
pls share opinions here: thank you:

If waiting for medical timeline is past due, is it possible to request for medical forms from the local canadian embassy?

i heard a story that the applicant made follow ups at an embassy: should there be more documents required, or what is the status of the paper...

the embassy gave the applicant the medical forms that same day.

pls share your experience here. thanks

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Im not sure of your case. As i understood, you never did medial before and that you are asking from where to get the form.

If im right, then the immigration office will send you the medical form with your photo stuck and stamped. normally that form comes with the check list of what documents you are requested to submit. In my case, i was asked to do medical and pay landing fees. I took that form and went to the approved doctor who did the medical for me. The doctor will send the result directly to the office by courier. The clinic gave me a tracking number in order to track the courier and make sure my documents were delivered.

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thank you Saba for replying at least here.
i am being sponsored by my wife.
it says on her medical request letter that 3 months after the date of the letter, medical request will be sent to family members, (which are me and our kids).

its more than 3 months now. and we are so eager to receive the request together with other documents needed if ever.

i would like to know if i can do a follow up at our local embassy here.

thank you.

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from my understanding it is not the embassy in your country that will give u that form, but it is the immigration office that has your file.
you should the immigration office that has your file and ask about the forms and if there is any news or anything to be done.

just look at the address on the ast envelop u received and that´s the office you need to get in touch with unless that adress is the address of the canadian embassy in your country.

the immigration and the embassy are not necessarily the same thing. you´re dealing with the immigration office and that could be located in an embassy.

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