Dear Roy! Need your assistance!

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Subject: Dear Roy! Need your assistance!
  I want to sponsor my spouse from Kazakhstan. Everything is fine, the only thing that concerns me is the fact that she worked in The National Security Forces. Her position was like of a military man even though she was a mere radio operator. She is not allowed to leave the country for the next decade as she signed a confidentiality agreement. I am just wondering:
- whether her employ with National Security forces will complicate our application (prolonged processing, for example, or even refusal on this ground)and
- whether we can ask immigration authorities not to contact her employer
because otherwise she will never be able to leave Kazakhstan.

Dear Roy, I regard you as a highly knowledgeable authorities in the field of immigration and I would highly appreciate your comments.

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Well I will never forget my first time in Kazakhstan about 13 or 14 years ago when I started video taping and an older man told us in Russian to stop or we could get arrested. We were flying Air Kazakhstan and the wings of the plane were going up and down as well. Very beautiful women were everywhere!

Come on Kazim a little common sense here PLEASE. CIC will assess your bona fides of her marriage and not her employment history. Relax!


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