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to all,
how long will it take us to wait if we have passed the medical examination and paid the landing fee? our medical will expire next month... i appreciate your idea and experience thanks

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Not to discourage you, but I had paid my landed fee from 05 and everytime the medical expired they remind you to do another one.
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Hi there!
I am interested in this topic as I am in a similar situation as Dawn... my medicals expired last Dec 08 and havent received passport requests so far... I also paid my RPRF already...

Dawn I wanted to ask you... how many times have you had medical examinations done? Have you contact CIC to inquire about your application and the reasons for the delay? What did they say? OMG... it´s been 4 years since you had medicals done!!!! Is that right? When did CIC star to process your application? Which office did you send your application to?

Thanks for your reply.

Lily from long ago (Abu Dhabi)
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I have done my medical in Nov 2008, and like the rest of you still waiting for a reply. My application is dated Nov 2005.

I contacted CIC through the London office web site. they replied on March 2009 that they are doing background check!

My application had weird turns, first they rejected my application as they said they have sent me a letter by mail to ask to do IELTS exam and since i didnt respond in 60 days, the officer decides to reject!
In fact i never received that mail. Besides, i already sent the IELTS result with the initial application in 2005. So after few months and several emails from my side, the office sent me a letter saying they re opened my case and sent me that check list to pay landing fees and medical.

I have no clue if they will also ask for an interview with the officer, or may be they will reject again. Its really frustrating for not being ably to plan my life, waiting for a decision! Its already 3 years and half!

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That´s is exactly how I feel Saba! I am glad I found people in a similar situation as mine...

I was so excited when I received my medical requests... I thought I was almost done... but yet, I am still waiting... I got the same answer as you when contacted CIC London Ofc. ´We are doing the background checks´... they started processing my application in June of 2005!

I am glad we can at least talk about it here and not feel like we are the ONLY person in the whole world whose application seems to have missed a turn.

Good luck to all of you guys!

Lily from long ago (Abu Dhabi)
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anyway thats life hehehehe...waiting is an art everybody should learn.
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