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Subject: In Canada Spousal Application
  I got married in 05, and in December my husband started my application. I had an interview in May of 06´ and still have not rec´d much on my application. I had done 3 medicals and police clearance, the last time I was told they r doing my background check (this may 09). Can I return home and the papers been sent to me or do I have to stay in Canada
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You can leave Canada but you will need to wait for your PR card to be sent to you before you can return to Canada. Of course it also depends whether or not you come from an visa exempt country.
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If it is an in-land application you better stay in Canada. They can close your file if you lose your temporary resident status.

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@Adam ~ she hasn´t received her visa yet. How could she possible wait for her PR card if she hasn´t landed??

If you are on an inland application, you need to be in Canada to receive your PR. If you choose to leave Canada before you get your PR, then if for any reason you are not readmitted into Canada, you will forfeit your application.

Better to order FOSS to see the status of your application. 3.5 years is a long time for an inland spousal application. I would be checking up on them.

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