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Subject: HELP
  Dear all

Could you please help me out in understanding this CAIPS

Paper file sent to PA file BF´D to B9C on 09/05/2009 (B9C ?)

I sent my e-mail and fax on april 05,2009 for another IELTS request but chc did not recorded. i request caips on april,03 2009 received on may 15,2009 . my BF´D is May 09, 2009 little bit afraid if they did not find my request for IELTS which is untill June 20,2009 what decision will they take but e-client status is still in process.

they calculated my points and awarded 20 for edu, age 10, relationship 5, exp 21.

Another thing which i noticed is P102 sent as above
it was written in this way,
JHW please request
Request as above on March 10,2009 (but i did not received any letter)

I already submitted my Indian PC. ( how long Indian PC is valid?)

need your comments

Need help (in reply to: HELP)
Roy need your help as well sharon
(in reply to: HELP)
people here is not helpful

waiting for reply from long time. what action to be taken at this moment

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