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Subject: Roy, plz help
  Roy plz advise if you can

I would appreciate your assistance.

I don?t need visa to enter Canada. I had been to/from Canada many times and I had never faced a problem. Last time I was there, My passport was automatically stamped with 6 months visa. after 4 weeks of my visit, I decided to cross the border and pick a friend back to Canada from Fargo Airport (US). The flight was late and it was 2am when we arrived to the border. The immigration officer was obviously grumpy and asked me "how long do you need to stay?", after of course I explained to him the situation and why I crossed the border. he gave me 4 weeks only. It was not enough. I ended overstaying for 2 months. This is because I bought a house for investment there in Canada and I needed more time to fix all issues. I left and as you are aware there is no stamp in my passport (EXIT Canada) and everything was smooth and fine. Now, I need to go back to sort too many things with my house there. Please, I accept and understand that it was not good to overstay. However, I did not do this for fun. I was waiting and waiting to leave on daily basis and when I finished the expected tasks I left. It was not an easy decision.
So, would it be an issue at all when I came back? how would they know the date I left Canada last time?

Thank you for your assistance again.

Good day

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I like the way you ask the question by getting your position out and admitting to potential wrong doing.

First the officer should have seen your previous entry stamp and your time in Canada should never of been questioned again but like you said it was late.

Most Nationals rarely if ever get stamped into their own countries so I assume their is no evidence as to when you arrived home previously.

The issue at the Port of Entry this time will be your NEW purpose for coming to Canada. If you have spent some time outside of Canada there should be no problem what so ever.

Passive Investment in Canada can not be used for a PNP issue which I hope you know.

Come on back and enjoy.


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