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  i had applied for permanent residence in canada in May 2005 and i had received my file no.They gave me 42months processing time.now,when 46months has gone then i sent email to canadian high commission in delhi to know about my application process. they have given answer,which i am giving below:
This refers to your recent e-mail enqury It appears you have not received correspondence sent to you by our office on 23 Jan 09. What follows is the text of the letter that was sent to you:This letter is in reference to your application for permanent residence in Canada. Citizenship and Immigration Canada requests that you confirm whether or not you are still interested in immigrating to Canada.
If you are no longer interested in immigrating to Canada and you wish to withdraw your application, please confirm that you want to withdraw by sending a letter to the Canadian High Commission in Delhi within 90 days, and we will return your full application fee. Please send the letter to the address below.
If we do not hear from you within 90 days, we will assume your continued interest in immigrating to Canada, and your application and fees will be retained for processing and therefore you must fulfill the requirements mentioned on the document request letter attached within 90 days. We are ready to begin processing your application. If you fail to respond to either the withdrawal letter or the document request letter, at the time of the review of your application, the visa officer will take a decision based on the information currently available in the file and, because of the lack of new information, it is likely that your application will be refused.Thank you for your interest in Canada. If you are no longer interested in immigrating to Canada and would like a full refund of your application fee, please notify us within the next 90 days.
i could not understand this email.i think that i have missing a letter.now what should i do?please suggest.

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This is your requirement letter. please reply it immidiately.


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