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Subject: Sharon/Roy Need Emergency Help
  Dear Sharon/Roy... I have applied for Canadian immigration and I am the primary applicant. I have lost my passport and have lodged a police complaint.The deadline to submit all passports is end of may 2009.Please help me what should I do ?Will CIC canada give me time to apply and get my new passport, which is a very long procedure,or I can submit my family,´s passports and they will accept them without me the primary applicant?
What will happen to my medical reports,I got my call for medicals in june 2008 and finished in dec 2008 and got letter for stamping of visa in march 2009.Will my medicals expire and will they ask for medicals again ? I had plans to go personally but am sad and nervous. Please help me and guide me ASAP. I will appreciate any help and guidance. Thanks in advance.

Raj Verma
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I doubt that they will stamp your family´s passports without yours being included.

I would send them an email, or double registered letter and tell them what has happened. Make sure you include the police file number. Tell them how long you expect it to take and ask them for their advice.

I think CIC are reasonable folks and under the circumstances will give you the time you need to get a new passport without the need to re-do medicals etc.

there is no logical reason that I can see where you would be penalized for something such as this.

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