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  Dear friends

I have requested my previous employer to provide me a letter to prove the following: start date, end date, job title, duties and responsibilities, for onward submission to the immigration office. My employer told me that they will only provide me that letter if I show them which Act or regulation or any formal documents which says that the immigration office need that letter.

Can someone please help me to find out which section of the Immigration Act, or is there an official letter from immigration office which says that such letter must be provided.

Thank you

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There is no set rule in the regulations to say that a letter needs to be provided. Feel free to review the income calculation rules under regulation 134 of the Act, specifically subsection 134(2)regarding change in circumstances. If you are asked for a letter in accordance with this subsection, the letter will need to come from the processing centre where your application was submitted. You can then show that letter to your former employer. If immigration has not asked for this letter and you are in the initial stages of you application. ie. you have not submitted it, than your last Notice of Assessment should be suffient to show that you meet the min. income requirements. I hope this helps. Also, feel free to see the sponsorship checklist. Under section 2, income of sponsor, there is a blurb that breaks down what you can show as proof of income. This may be enough to prompt them to give you the letter. The link is http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/pdf/kits/forms/IMM5443E.PDF

Good Luck

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