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Subject: Moving Back To Canada?
  Here´s a question im having trouble trying to get answers to:

I was born in Michigan and at age 7 moved to Canada because my mother married a Canadian.I had landed immigrant/permanent resident status in Canada.I lived in Ontario from age 7 up until age 29. I moved back to Michigan at 29 and have been here since (I´m 33) so for 4 years.

Recently i´ve been thinking about moving back to Canada, can i freely move back seeing as i lived there for so long or do i have to start over from scratch so to speak? Do i still have my status in Canada or am i just considered 100% American Citizen again? I still have my Canadian ID and SIN # etc.

Just wondering what i would have to do to move back. Been told different things from different people, the main thing i´m hearing is i can move back hassle free seeing as i was a permanent resident and because i lived in Canada already for over 20 years. I had no problems coming back to the US (didn´t even get my U-haul pulled in at Customs or asked for paperwork etc.) After being gone for so long so I´m wondering if it would be the same trying to move back to Canada?

Another thing someone told me was: "Being a permanent resident means it´s permanent. You can go back with no hassle unless you got yourself deported."

Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

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to confirm, you are a permanent resident and not a citizen?

if you are a PR, then residency requirements would apply to you. 730 days in Canada out of the last 5 years. By my calculation you have about 365.

I believe you may be able to plead your case but someone smarter than me would have to tell you how to do it... probably Roy is the guy that can tell you.

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Thanks alot, i was under the assumption that permanent resident meant permanent.I haven´t even been out of Canada for 5 years yet,i moved to the US midway through 2005.I really hope there´s something i can do besides moving back and taking my chances and hoping they don´t make a big deal about it.My family and friends as well as my son live over there, so i´m really hoping i can plead my case.

Thanks again!

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it is always wise to read the rules
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