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Subject: ENGAGED TO A CANADIAN...now what?
  So we are in love, we are over 30, and we want to be together... So he proposed, and he wants me back in Canada for good.
Im going back to Mexico in about a month and then come back 1 month later in order to get ready for the wedding....we´ll get married in Canada.
When I come back from Mexico.... will the migration officer at the airport be upset if I say I am engaged and I am getting married?

We are a little paranoid about that.

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Don´t tell to the CBSA officer that you are getting married, she/he won´t get upset they may not let you in PERIOD.

Because you are trying to enter the country as a "temporary visitor" and getting married sounds like a long term visit to me. Under those grounds they can refuse your entry.

You are better off getting married in Canada (if that is the plan) and apply for Permanent Resident as a family member from Mexico. It is faster and safer from many different ways.



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