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Subject: Parental Sponsrhip, previous landed immigrants

I am having a situation right now with a parental sponsorship, my parents were residents at one point and moved back, they were outside more than 3 years and have since lost their status, now i am trying to get them back to Canada (since I was born here, and want to live here).

I can´t ask my parents to wait 4 years at their age anything can happen in 4 years, so my choices are waiting or moving so i can take care of them, what it comes down to: a Canadian born citizen has to move to another country to take care of her parents that are receiving a Canadian pension -- ironic.

They are receiving a Canadian Pension from the years they worked here, so CIC saying they will drain the system is bogus they paid taxes when they lived here.

If anyone can give me any information I´d greatly appreciate it, anything helps


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I sure hope your a boy named Sue.

Do not give out your e-mail address ever even if it is a hotmail address. You should see what I get Spam wise. LOL

Without knowing which country your parents are from and how long they have been out etc. any advice would be silly.


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NOt In this subject but pretty mush close.

do you find it weird (i do) that people who lost their PR status due to their criminal activity has a door to apply to restore their status . and for those who lost their PR staus cause over staying outside canada have nothing (even if for some they have major reason for staying outside)

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That´s actually close to what happened, they lived here in the 70´s and early 80´s. Due to a family situation they moved back, thinking they could come back.

They have been in Colombia since then and lost the PR status, on one of my conversations with my MP´s office I asked if me being born on Canada had any value in a case and of course it doesn´t all I want is to be able to take care of my parents as they get older, I see people tar come in making up stories and are able to stay, I don´t understand why it takes so long.

Roy, I´m not sure if that´s enough info, anything else just ask I am eilling to try anything I have put my life on hold and I can´t keep of on hold forever.

Any help is welcomed

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