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Subject: H&C application
  How long does H&C application takes to finalize? And what are the success rate? Last year, I filed my H&C application due to the pressure from cic. The officer,who did the interview,told me that either I go back or apply H&C. As I still have things to do, I proceed with latter. Couple of months after sending in my form, I received a letter saying that it was transferred to scarborough office for further processing. Now, it´s been several months already and I still haven´t heard anything from them yet. should I be worried?
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So many people are in a similar situation with theirs H&C application. CIC says that it can take them up to 48 months to proceed and finalize such an application.

I know a youg fellow who submitted his H&C application 4 years ago and He just received the approval letter in April.

My advice to you : hang in there and get busy doing your things...whatever you do. When time comes, you will receive a letter from CIC.
Meanwhile, keep on sending them little informations ( update) about you case. It´s doesn´t have to be big changes... even small and apparently unsignificant details...

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hi guys,
Wants to know that what is the time frame for H & C Permanent residence application in Niagara Falls, Ontario???
My file was transferred there about 2 years back, but still no news from them!!!
i applied for pr under h & c in 2003.

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^^geez I was under impression that I´d been waiting long enough to get response. Compare to you, I´m relatively new then. I´d filed my application a year ago and it was transferred to local office two months after. My suggestion to you is, fax/email them regarding to your case.
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Thanks for your response. I´ve sent in fax yesterday on processing time. I hope I´ll get response in coming week.
Apart from this H&C case, I have another question to ask. Before I filed my H&C application, I met a lawyer who advised me to submit skill-worker class application along with H&C to higher my chances of getting PR status. He said that I don´t need to leave the country when the time comes for interview as well as to get PR card. All I need to do is to take a trip to buffalo to do such. He also said that I don´t need to find employer to sponsor me. When I asked him if this application would have adverse effects on my H&C application, he firmly said NO and they will be considered separately by different officers. I´m not sure how true is that. Can anyone tell me if this is the way to go?

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under H & C, you can just send them updates, if u going to start asking them about the result of you application, they might get mad. so just relax and keep sending them updates.
BTW, do you have family here in Canada?

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^^Ya I do.
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it´ll be tough to survive without OHIP or health coverage!
we are family of six, but only three have the OHIP, because they born here, others pay every time when go to doctor or ER.

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I´ve been in Canada for over twenty years and only visited the doctor for flu and cough twice.
Oter Option (in reply to: H&C application)
There is other options for people who want to stay in Canada short than H&C, I just see and add at Kijiji about Refugee claim fail.
H&C Interview (in reply to: H&C application)
I am asked to attend an H&C interview, should I be taking a lawyer with me? Pls advise.

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