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Subject: any advice
how much longer it takes the process after the medical test done fo a pr ???
it my 13 month till now waiting , now news at all , i applied under pnp programs , my work visa is expired and iam extinded it , any help pls , ?how much long will take more my process ?

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Order CAIPS to see what is going on with your file. 13 months is unusual but does happen. Most probably, your file is having security/background issues or something else which they need to confirm before a visa can be issued.
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what is the CAIPS ? and how i can order it ? any help ,
thanks for your advice

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hey , thanks for the advice , i have my PR now yayyyayaya,
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any information about application of canadian experiace class for PR ??
i submited my application , like 4 month ago , and i did the medical exam , how much longer will it take after that ??? any help pls ???

CAIPS (in reply to: any advice)

´Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System´. This has all the notes and comments by the visa officer working on your file. In other words, the history about your case.

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how i can find out can u help bash plz

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