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Subject: Medical Exam
I am in USA. I applied for PR. I am visiting India next month. Is it possible to do Medical exams from India(with listed doctors on canada site)?

Because fees for Medical exams in US around $250-$400 and in india it is around Rs1100 to 1500 only.

Please post your views

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Rs 1100 to 1400 means $35 to $50 range
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Fee depends on doctor´s location too. I know there is one Chinese doctor in NYC who charges $170 and is very efficient (professional). They are experts and send ur docs on time. If there is any problem with medical results, they will first inform u within 48 hrs before they send the results to Ottawa. His name is Dr. Man Chiu Wong, 33 Bowery Suite B-201, NY, NY 10002, Tel: 212-431-3111.
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does it mean you will pay $1000 to go to India so you can save like $100 or so...
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hey pal,

So you want to get your medical check here in India where it´s Rs 1000 to 1500 that really cheap but where it would cost you 200 too 250 $ in U.S, I say, have you try including the flight ticket + other expens.I guess you got to think twice !!!


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U can get ur medicals done in India too. All they have to do is send them to Ottawa, which they know very well. If u have a pre-planned trip to India, then I think it´s a very good idea to get these medicals done over there. More over Indian doctors and their services are very friendly. In case they find something that might put u in any problem, they will explain it to u with a proper medical solution. Once u r there in India take the benefit of low cost of medical services, get the immunization certificates and complete dental check-up. Plus it´s a big saving.
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Thank you all for your valuable responses. Yes I already planned to go to India next month and purchased ticket. Request for Medical Exam came later. So I checked prices at both locations. Anyway I am going to India looks like doing medical exam there is best option. Thanks for your responses.
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I just wanted to know if any abody else has gone to this Doctor Man-Chiu Wong in NY. I have to go for my Canadian Immigration Medical Exam, and I just wanted to confirm.
Thank you.


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