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Subject: CIC Officer failed Computer Class
  I have a client who was sponsored by her daughter in 2000 but the daughter was refused so she appealed. The daughter won the sponsorship appeal and the whole Parental sponsorship process began again in 2005.

Manila got the application in October of 2007.

The mother came to Canada on a Visitor Visa in November of 2006. The mother meets a nice guy and they get involved romantically.

In April 2008 we submit an InLand spousal sponsorship. CPC Vegreville transfers the file to Mississauga CIC in May 2008.

The officer called and told me that we would have to withdraw one of the sponsorships because (her computer can not record two sponsors).

I informed her of IRPR 10 (5) that a person can be sponsored by two different sponsors for two separate applications. My client has a parental and a spousal sponsorship in process. The officer said she agreed but her computer will not allow her to input the information.

I informed her that is not my clients fault that she and her computer has a problem, not my client. She informed me if I did not withdraw one of the sponsorships she would send the spousal sponsorship for an interview.


I´ll post the newspaper article tomorrow.

I really can stand an abuse of power because the Officer is afraid to ask their supervisor how to data input properly.


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go get em.
victim (in reply to: CIC Officer failed Computer Class)

Way to go Roy!!!

That happened to me either. That my spouse´ file number was not punched in their data. The reason why the local office returned the application because they cant find its link to my Client ID.

They wasted 8 months.

Now they are taking responsibility of it.. They admitted their error.
we know and understand human error. But we hope for human responsibility too.

That officers problem is so simple. She may just add or attach important and special cases information regarding your client´s application.

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I can´t find the video but here is the article.

Now I have an 80 year old pastor and a seventy one year old forced to wait in the twilight of their years to be with their partners.

Senior Citizens of Canada being treated this way is something that makes my hair on the back of my neck, stand up. I am not saying that Seniors are not immune to taking funds to sponsor someone into this country. CIC Officers have never caught one Canadian Senior doing a bogus marriage from my years in the business. Not one single media report about Granny getting paid to sponsor some illegal.

Both these men have waited for more then two years and there is still no end in sight. Not even a hint of a light at the end of the tunnel.

Having a client say "I think I might die before she gets status" hurts. CIC can and must do better regarding spousal sponsorship processing times.

If these Canadians were 20 or 30 something unemployed with bad credit ratings I think it would be a different issue.

Abuse of power is abuse of power and all that officer had to do was ask her supervisor how to input the data.


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If you get to pick up a copy of the Toronto Sun do so the story is longer and it has a picture of my client with Pierre Trudeau.

Better Story more detail


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You can complain or wite things on newspaper but do it by your own , don t use your client story ,you can hurt their application. if the case get pulic there s a special process for it wich is differant than other unknown cases,so the manager will have to be informed of every step done on the case and give his aprobation , this can extend the waiting time .
if her case get denied of course you will be still in your office doing buisness , what about her?

and for me the immigration officer is right , at least he is using his commun sense to not have 2 sponsors in one case, what s the point of having 2 applications in process..

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First it is a female officer and I do nothing without the consent and wishes of my clients.

The Lady in question has been sponsored by her daughter since 2000. Then by her spouse since April of 2008 after them living together for more then a year. She is a great cook - he is a great eater. They love each other.

She is still a valid visitor and him at 71 is paying all accommodation expenses, medical and dental bills for Victoria. He also paid the processing fees for CIC.

He is of the opinion that when you pay for something you should get it. The Immigration Act allows two sponsorships for different applications they cashed their cheques!

Now for accomplishing something!!!!

We got informed of a interview scheduled yesterday by same day courier. Surprise, Surprise the squeaky wheel got the grease.


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