Received my landing papers today

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Subject: Received my landing papers today
  I would like to take this oppotunity to thank everyone here who took time out to help me along the way of my immigration worries and questions. I received my passport and landing papers today and will be heading to buffalo to leave n then land!!
Just to highlight i was sponsored by my husband in Canada. I am from the UK. It took them in whole 9 months from the date i sent my sponsor forms to cic, from which i then had an interview in london and finally now my landing papers.
Once again thankyou all for the advice and i shall try my best with my experience to help out anyone else in need of guidance.
Good site!!

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Could you please share some about your interview?

Thank you...

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great to hear that..

i just applied for an immigrant visa back here in the philippines. some say, it is easier to apply for canada if you´re outside philippines. the processing wouldn´t take long compared here in phil.

What tips can u give me for starters like me...


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That´s great! Congratulations to you and yours. I´m just finishing up my wife and my papers now. She´s in the Philippines so I"m hoping we have a similar success story 6-10 months from now.
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Hi all I Would like to say that applying outside Canada i found was much quicker than inside Canada.
The best tips i can give is just make sure you fill out your application properly and check it over with someone else..Be honest in your application so when you do attend an interview in a later date , you are confident enough. My interview lasted approx 15 mins. I had 3 people inside the room with me, one interviewer and 2 immigration officers. Very intimidating, but i had nothing to be scared of. I got asked the main question in how i met my husband and how we stayed in contact and when we got married and who attended so bascially its the question son the application form being asked again. Therefore i suggest you tell the truth because im so sure the immigration officers were seated there to see if i was lying or feeling unsure. Towards the end of the interview we were laughing and joking but thats just the way I am. i took along with me loads of pictures and evidence to show them we are husband and wife, but they never looked at anything apart from our joint accounts, just something we have together. So folks good luck with your applications and i hope you end up with a happy ending like mine.

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