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Subject: Getting in to Canada
  Please help.

I was in Canada and played the piano in a bar on 3 occassions. I earned $200. I did this as I had been told that musicians were exempt from needing a work visa. I found out when I returned to the UK to look into immigration that this did not include playing in a bar and hence I had infact worked illegally. After discovering this, I never worked again.

I returned to canada and went to the New York for a few days on holiday with my common-law husband. When I was re-entering canada I was stopped as his ex-wife had reported me working previously. Even though I had not worked since re-entering canada they said that as I was living with him and was going to apply for PR I could only enter canada for 10 days then return to the UK to apply for PR from there. We had to pay a $1000 bond. I have a young step-daughter and after we got home I sought legal advise and my lawyer applied for an extension to stay. This was refused and he then submitted an affadavit to the federal court to appeal this as the visa officer was basing his decision on incorrect information that had been sent to immigration by his ex-wife who will do anything to sabotage my coming to canada. I left canada in october 2004 and returned to the UK to file a common-law application.

We received notification that he has been approved as a sponsor and my file has been sent to London.

My question is, .. I would like to return to Canada to be with him and my step-daughter and await the completion of my PR application there. How can I convince the officer at the POE that I will not ´flee´ into canada and will leave if asked, and if my application was not successfull. I have sufficient funds to support myself, and we have a house in canada. I have no intension of working or doing anything to jeprodise my application.

I´m looking for anyone who has been through something similar or who simply has some advice on how to convince the officer that I should be allowed to enter under duel-intent.

Thank you.

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