info on filling family class app, please help

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Subject: info on filling family class app, please help
  I have the following questions:
1. In the background declaration form:
- In the app it asked to list all the addresses from the age of 18 years of my mother or father. In the information guide it said only last 10 years, which is right?
- My father worked as a government employee so does he have to mention it twice in the government positions held category and personal history category?
2. In the additional family information form:
- Do we have to fill in the details of the deceased sisters and brothers info as well.
- We don´t intend to sponsor them hence is it okay to specify approximate date of birth as we do not know the exact dates.
- Do we have to fill all the names of siblings and children in the native language too? or is it only the main applicant name?

Thanks a lot.

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