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Subject: withdrawal of case
  Does anyone know how to go about withdrawing a spousal sponsorship. My wife from india and i from canada have had our differences and have decided to call it quits.. She no longer wnats to come to canada, i understand i will ahve financial losses. So how do i withdraw and how long does it take, the case had come to a point where she will be issued a visa in few weeks time.?
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Don´t be so selfish. Let her come to Canada and let her live on her own and find her own true love. I am guessing you had one of those contract, arranged marriages. Indians are always such crapshoots.... Give the woman some freedom and room to breathe.
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Dear Amit,

Contact the visa office immediately and let them know of the change in circumstance. Explain to them that you both no longer wish to proceed with the application. By notifying them in writing (fax or send a letter that they have to sign for) you can then ensure that you are not responsible for her financially etc.

Hope this helps and that you find happiness with someone else - these things happen.

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false marriages are what make all our lives very difficult. please tell CIC the truth. It will protect you in the future.
Men in INDIA! (in reply to: withdrawal of case)
That´s the reason why women has no place in their society... want to get marry.. you have to buy the boys...

My God.. I do pity the girl..


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To the ananymous,

Indians are not crap shoots, they give lot of value to family and relationships. The question here is he wants to withdraw the sponsorship so that he will not be responsible for her financial well being for a period of 10 years. 10 Years is not a joke and i don´t think you would want to do that for a person whom you don´t want to have relationship anymore.

Think twice before you write anything.

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