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Subject: Please suggest !
Hello all !
Just a quick question. I filed my case with London CIC in Nov. 03 which is in process. In the meanwhile we had a baby six months ago. I havent informed CIC about it coz of fear, it might delay the process. What is ur opinion about informing CIC. Pls advice. Thanks in advance.

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facts are facts. You need to let them know immediately. You cannot arrive in Canada and say ´oh my goodness - we forgot to tell you...we have a baby... sorry!

I doubt that it will change your timeline. even if it does... there is absolutely nothing you can do about it- you have to notify CIC.

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Thanks Sharon ! I ahve looked at CIC site & there is no information about proceeding further. Do you have any idea about process of informing them in case of change. Pls. advice once more. Thanks a lot.
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I will both write and fax them (your appropriate embassy) a letter stating the facts. Make sure you put all your reference numbers on everything, include the child´s birth certificate. keep your fax copy and also a copy of your postage reciept. do not send it general mail. That way you can prove you sent the information if they should question you later.

My experience tells me that CIC expects these kinds of things to happen and they take them in stride. I would think marriages are more disruptive to the application process because you are dealing with adults and motives and police clearances etc. Babies are much simpler.

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We had the same situation with Buffalo processing center in US. Applied in Jan 2003. Had a baby in June. Sent a copy of baby´s birth certificate and passport + 2 photos + MO for $100 and a covering letter explaining that we have an addition to the application.

We got all the papers for landing in August 2004. Not sure if things got delayed or not, but not informing will do no good to you.

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You will need to send CIC a copy of the baby´s birth certificate.

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