Adding Spouse at later stage?

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Subject: Adding Spouse at later stage?
  An applicant who had applied in 2004 paid fee for self only not for wife, thinking that before grant of visa he can pay and include her in the application.
Got a letter in June 2009 in which total score assessed as 53 and asked to submit IELTS within 90 days (which was not submitted earlier) poor fellow in finding very hard to cover up to 67 with IELTS only. He wants to know that can he pay for wife now to add her in application to achieve 4 points of her education? I think he cannot do it at this stage? Am I right?.
Please reply since I promised to tell him the answer with consultation of Forum members.

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OP 6 Federal Skilled Workers

6.4. Family members of skilled workers

Family members can be added to the application at any time during the process, including after the visa is issued but prior to obtaining permanent resident status. Applicants should be counseled to inform the visa office immediately if their family composition has changed. Please see OP 2 Section 7.7 for more information on adding a family member during processing.

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Dear 1234,

Thanks for your reply. But there is no change in "family composition". I understand that once a new baby is born or divorce/second marriage occurs, it is taken as change in family composition.

But in this case Wife´s fee was not paid at initial stage.

Please clarify that this rule applies in this case as well?

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question - did you list yourself as married on the original application? you are saying there is no change in composition - if you did accurately state your marital status you have a bigger problem than just points.

Is she actually coming with you to Canada - if not, her points cannot be included.

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Yes my friend is married. He also mentioned his wife and her education as well. But it was a real stupid act not paying her fee, stating that she is not accompanying.
Now the assessment letter says that since you have not paid the fee, therfore the Points cannot be granted.
Man is real uspet loosing 4 points jusr for nothong. He has been given 90 days by the officer to appear and submit an IELTS result. Can he pay the fee and claim points for wife?

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The only way he can claim her points is to include her in the application as accompanying. It only makes sense. How would her education help the family in Canada if she is living somewhere else?

He better start studying his english fast.

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