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Subject: Time line for spousal sponsorship
  Dear Members,

I am a Canadian citizen (permanent residence)who is temporarily living in the Philippines. I am in the process of sponsoring my wife as a PR. I Fedexed our application package to Mississauga on May 22, 2009. As of yet we have not heard from them. We have not received an acknowledgment that they have received our application. Am I being impatient?

Any insight into the time frame would be helpful.

Thank you

Processing Times at Individual Visa Offices in Asia and Pacific (in reply to: Time line for spousal sponsorship)

30% of cases finalized in: 4(months)
50% of cases finalized in: 5 months
70% of cases finalized in: 6 months
80% of cases finalized in: 7(months)


Time line for spousal sponsorship (in reply to: Time line for spousal sponsorship)
Peter, it is unclear whether you are a Canadian citizen or a Permanent Resident?

If you are a Permanent Resident you must be residing in Canada to sponsor your spouse, if a Canadian Citizen it is ok to be overseas during the sponsorship process.

The first stage approval (sponsor approval) is done in Mississauga Ontario and the normal time is approximately six weeks. You should hear something any day now. After the sponsor approval your wifes file will be sent to Manila for approval where with a bit of luck you should get her visa in about 4 to 5 months.

I have just read an interesting article in the Toronto Star, the refusal rate for spousal sponsorships in Manila is 9%

So you have a better than 90% chance of approval,just be sure to prove your relationship is genuine and you have intermingled your affairs.

Good luck,

Mr. Magoo.

mr magoo
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Dear Mr.Magoo,

Thank you most kindly for your encouraging reply. I am a Canadian citizen with a resident in Canada. Hopefully we will be among the 90% approved. I appreciate the fact that you took the time to share the information.

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Hi Peter, you are very welcome. I am sure you will have no problem with your application. Those that do from what I have seen appear very suspicious, even to me.

My friend here in Naga sponsored his wife to Toronto. He got sponsor approval in about 6 weeks and she got her visa in just under 5 months.

Where are you in the Philippines? Where is your home in Canada. I have a home about 3 hours East of Toronto.

Wish you luck


Mr. Magoo

Mr Magoo
Mr. Magoo (in reply to: Time line for spousal sponsorship)
Good morning Mr. Magoo,

I hope my wife and I have the same luck as your friend in Naga. Our marriage was very straightforward with no impediments or complications. It was solemized in a Catholic church with all the necessary legal documents. We are both highly trained professionals. Yet having said all this, it has been six weeks now and not a word from Immigration Canada.

We are in Manila. My home in Canada is approximately 21/2 hours outside of Toronto,in the Kingston-Belleville area.

Thanks for your encouraging words.


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Hi Peter, my goodness what a small world. I have a house on 3 acres just South of Cloyne Ontario, about 2 1/2 hours East of Toronto and about 1 hour North of Belleville.

It is a small bungalow but land backs onto a lake, I have been renovating it and we hope to live there if we are successful. I wont submit our application until September and after I submit the application I will return to Canada for a couple of months.

I am sure you application will be successful, you should be getting sponsorship approval any day now. Wish you all the best.


Mr Magoo
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Hi Raymond,

You are right, it is indeed a small world. I am closer to Napanee than Bellville. I have a house that is literally a stone´s throw from Lake Ontario.

I hope your application in September is processed quickly and smoothly.

Best of Luck!


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hi peter

im frances i live here in philippines.i got married with canadian guy last september 12, 2009, he go back now in canada. He going to file my paper there he going to sponsor me. My problem is he is so busy guy work work work how he can check the mail box at home if there is a letter form the office of edomonton because he going to work in calgary. He going to process my papers to albeta edmonton. I cant wait to long to be with him again.

frances ann mellors
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hi frances how are you ? just want to know the development of your application.. takecare
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good day everyone, I´m Michelle Gamboa from philippines, just want to ask if what are the things/documents that I and my husband needs to present or include in our application to lessen the chance of the refusal of my papers. we got married on september 22, 2009. he is now a permanent resident in canada and he is planning to sponsor me...all the requirements are all complete now and we´re going to send it to Mississuaga for processing,,,We´re both Filipino...

what you think?...how long will it take on processing?...