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  Landed at Peace Arch border on a Saturday. Our friends who live in Vancouver and are Permanent Residents of Canada drove us to the border. Not a problem when we got to the border. We were given a piece of paper that say "flagpole". We parked right past the border to the US. Went inside the immigration office. The US immigration officer took our passports. They also asked for our friends passports and PR cards. We thought we will have a problem because our friends didn´t have US visas. But there was no problem. Took probably 30 minutes and we were on our way back to the Canadian side. There was a border officer who showed us where to turn to go back to the Canadian side. On the Canadian immigration office we presented our COPR and passports. The officer did not ask us for any proof of funds. He left that section blank. We then proceeded to Customs and after that we were done. We are now landed immigrants.
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Nice to hear your landing went smooth and quiet. Some ppl land hard, with a loud thump if you would, and then wonder what´s the hardship is all about. I hope you are having a Ball in these first days of your immigrant status. Vancouver is a nice pleasant place right now, isn´t it? Enjoy, enjoy yourself... And let us know how does job search go.
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I am soooo sorry... Vancouver is not very nice this week. Rain, rain, rain... the worst rain we have ever seen. Vancouverites are 1/2 duck but this week is even too wet for a duck. We even use our umbrella this week. I promise it will get better...wait until March 1. the flowers start to bloom with beautiful colours. You will be glad you came. Until then... quack, quack, quack. congratulations on your landing.
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I really like your enthousiasm ducky Sharon ;)

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it is so bad in Vancouver this week people will wonder why they ever thought to come here. We need Noah´s ark!
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