What should we do after refusing immigration visa?

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Subject: What should we do after refusing immigration visa?
  Expert, please give me some advise:
My brother (Canadian citizen) applied for his wife (in China) to immigrat to Canada to reunion with him. After more than 6 month waiting, they were informed that she has to go for interview. Anyway, at the interview, she was refused to give immigration visa since they think the marriage is possibly due to immigration purpose, not a real marriage.

It seems to me they have two choice right now:
1) Appear to the court.
2) Reapply after 6 month.

Can anyone tell me which way is better? Anybody have similar experience? If we want to wait for six month, can the immigration officer think we didn´t appear to the court, must because we feel guilty? IF we reapply, does the case make difference? What´s the evidence can tell they are really married?

Thank you so much for your help.

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First evidence is the Marriage certificate.
Rest following can be the evidence too
Telephone bill
marriage photos
marriage video or cd
hotel booking if they had honeymoon
plus wife and husband should know everything about each other
like favourate color, actor , actress etc
there should be no difference between answers given by each other.
if you dont know just say no and dont lie

I think going to court or reapplying makes no difference
you can follow any one of these option. I suggest reapply
evaluate the reason why they denied visa and take some experts help
I hope this will help

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