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Subject: Air Ticket for Landing

I am planning to land shortly with my family. I will be staying for a week or so then fly back home for the schools.

I heared from some friends that having a return air ticket while landing may let the office refuse our entry to Canada as he will feel that we are not going to Canada for good. Is that correct? I feel it is not because as per law we are allowed to live out side Canada fro some time.

Anyone has an idea about that?


Hm (in reply to: Air Ticket for Landing)
I don´t think that is true, simply because we all know that one way ticket is in most cases more expensive than return ticket - which is totally wierd.

don't worry (in reply to: Air Ticket for Landing)
I used return ticket for landing. The immigration officer even did not ask my airfair. Nobody did. I stayed in Vancouver for 32 days then left.
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Hi Saleh
Two of my friends with family did their landing they stayed for 2 weeks and 4 weeks, and return back for school, so far no problem.

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thanks for all of you
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