This is not good news for old SW apps

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Subject: This is not good news for old SW apps
  Us forum oldies have speculated how the new selective NOC based Skilled Worker system (applications since February 26, 2008) would dovetail and affect applications that were already in the general Skilled Worker system prior to that date.

CIC has posted processing times for the older batch of files.

The processing times pretty much confirm how we expected things to go. Based on these stats, it looks like the new applications take priority and the annual immigration quota gets topped up from the older files.

All region averages are now 27 - 62 MONTHS! Accra is reporting 77-88 MONTHS! I can´t imagine anyone willing to wait that long to get news about immigration.

All I can suggest is if you are sitting in the old line up and you hold a qualifying NOC code, you may want to consider abandoning your current application and trying to refile so you become part of the new batch of applications.

What do you think Roy?

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I can´t believe this has been posted all day and not 1 single response. Am I the last to know this stuff or are we all in denial?

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This is bad news...I applied from Delhi in 2004 and in Jan 2009 was requested for updating documents. Naturally this made me optimistic. I thought by Jun I will get some reply and am waiting patiently. So what are my chances?? Is my application is already in process to finalize as I would not like to go thru all from start again.
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I think most readers here are in shock and want to believe something different.

The NOC 38 is a joke with most occupations requiring supervisor or management experience and almost all occupations being provincially regulated. What can one do?

Well accept for Chef´s and Cook´s!

Try to get an electrician or other trades people in especially since most countries have a program to approve them after completing only high school only. Oh yeah electricians are regulated in Ontario too.


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"officially" the quota has not changed so they are approving applications of some sort.

I guess all that people can do is:
1) determine if they qualify under the NOC38, and if they do...
2) look at processing times against when they got their AOR
and determine what the 30-80% date range might be for their particular file.
3) at that point all you can do is assess your tolerance for waiting. The NOC38 intake is saying 1 year to get an answer. If your wait under the old system is going to be longer than a year... well...
4) If you are not 100% you skill qualifies under the NOC38, you may have to simply wait it out because you will get an outright rejection if you don´t and then you are hooped.
5) or...see if you can´t secure the PNP or work permit or forget this crazy country and try for Australia.

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This seems too long to wait.

But can the length of time shorten for somebody has the offer from the employer as indeterminate basis , positive arranged employment opinion from HRSDC, enough points for SW as well as fund ?

If that person has all these and has been asked for additional updated info, how long can be the maximum to get the medical request for other process?

Kindly suggest according to your experience. Thanking you.

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any timeline we suggest here would be a pure guess.

Arranged employment used to get your file to the top of the pile. how long the top of the pile takes to be looked at is a huge question that now does not seem to have an answer.

You will have to insure that the arranged employment is still there at the end of the process - how, I cannot imagine.

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