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Subject: Finally the application is on the runway!
  I have been living in my wifes country (philippines) for a year to be able to sponsor her as a common law spouse. She is previously married and no divorce here. It has been great to be with her but very painful to be out of Canada for this long.

However we are days away from putting this sucker in a Fed Ex envelope and completing this daunting process.

I have discovered the only questions requiring supporting documents in the principal applicant package are in the sponsored spouse/partner questionnaire and the document checklist.

For each question I put a cover page with our names, the form name and number, the question and question number and a list of all documents included. Behind this page all the required documents to answer the question.

We supplied the following for each question:

#9 Development of relationship and outings:
A 4 page letter outling the development of our relationship since January 2006

I put the pictures on a powerpoint program and printed them on letter paper, there are 74 pictures dating from Jan 06 to present of various outings, trips, at home, with friends etc.

#20 Provide documentary evidence of your relationship:
Photo copies of the following behind cover page all in both our names
Lease for house since March 1, 08
Monthly rent receipts
Cable tv receipts
Bank Certificate showing joint acct since August 08 and balance of 197,000 pesos
Photo copy of our ATM cards with same account number
Drivers licence for both of us with same address
Monthly gym receipts since September 2008
Contract to purchase building lot in March 2008
Monthly receipts for payment of building lot
Receipt for purchase of motor vehicle September 2008
Deed of sale in both names for motor vehicle.
Last but not least about 20 letters, bills, cards etc to us at the same address.

#24 Has your sponsor visited you during the period of your relationship.
Provided a table showing what months I was in Canada and what months I was in the Philippines.

Have been in the Philippines for 2 1/2 of the last 3 1/2 years, the last year continuous.
Copies of my visa stamps in my passport for the last 3 years

#26 How do we communicate, how often, what language.
Provided e mails between us when I am in Canada since 06, about 2 per week.

A bill from Bell Canada, showing my home phone number and my cell number in Canada.

Provided her phone bills also showing we spoke everyday and many times more often every day.

#30 Do you recieve financial support from your sponsor.
A letter explaining our financial responsibilities.
Copy of a letter from my bank in Canada asking for a money transfer to my account in the Philippines every month.
Copy of my Cdn bank acct statements each month I was in Canada showing the money being taken out of the acct and transmitted to the acct in the Philippines.

I then went to the Check list and provided the following:

A copy of my divorce certificate.

Notarized affidavits from her mother, lawyer, sister and best friend verifying her date of separation.
A signed separation agreement signed by her and her x husband

Original of her birth certificate,copies of her passport and my passport.

5 notarized letters from close friends to validate the length and genuine nature of our relationship.

Original copy of her NBI clearance

Original copy of her receipt with photo for her medical

Envelope with 9 photos of her, one photo with name, DOB and date taken.

In sponsor application I provided copies of deed for my house, mortgage arrangements with my bank, photos of my house, car, motorcycle etc to show intent to move back to Canada.

Also about 25 e mails to me since January 2006 from various friends and family members all mentioning or asking about my spouse.

Copy of receipt for paying fees online, paid 1040.00 Cdn.

As you can tell I dont have much to do, cant wait to get home, my grass is 4 feet high.

Hope I haven´t forgotten anything. Have gone over the forms 20 times at least.

If anyone can think of anything would much appreciate your comments.

Will keep all posted and thanks so much for those who assisted along the way.


mr magoo.

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No worries sir you have already done a great job, just submit your application and wait for around 2-5 months...

good luck

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