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Subject: PRRA and marriage
Hi everybody that can help me,i am applying for PRRA and want to get married on canadian resident,can i be removed from country if PRRA is refused and we are married already. Should i apply for sponsorship before marriage or after?
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Let me (guess) at your situation.

You came to Canada and made a refugee claim.
Your refugee claim was denied.
You filed an application for leave to appeal and that was denied.
You submitted a Humanitarian and Compassionate application that may have been denied or not dealt with yet.
Now after (you have been called) to the Pre Removal Risk Assessment you fall in love and get married.

Lets say you got a couple thousand to waste by all means submit an In Canada Spousal Application.


Anyways that is the way the CIC Officer will view your situation even if it isn´t that way.

Now if you have been with this person for a very long time and can prove same a quality PRRA might be sufficient to have your spousal application reviewed by someone at Vegreville, AB. The time would be depending on where you live and which PRRA office gets your NEW EVIDENCE, IRPA 113 (A)

It is usually much better chance of success to submit an outside of Canada Spousal Application, done well, Go Home and apply for ARC Authorization to Return.

Yeah I know, you didn´t want to hear the truth!


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Good morning Roy

Your "guess" scenario is absolutely correct. Only one thing, I got after reading NAZAR´ post. NAZAR has not been married yet but is planning to.

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hi..roy plz i have some question can u plz answer me..i did refugee cali 2007 y refugee clai was refused ay 2009 july 2009 y wife she is canadian she sponsor e the iigration refused y sponsorship case.the iigration dont belive e and my are living together but that not true we are toghather last 1 year and 6 month the cbsa call me for prra i re send my sponsorship case agan some more proof..but i dont have much time if my prra appliction refused cbsa send e back..can u tell e what i do plz..i can go the federal court .or if i leve before deporation order then i need arc to..plz help me ty

Received a Removal Order (in reply to: PRRA and marriage)

I am a Namibian who currently residing in Canada, I came here as refugee but I was rejected now I received the email that my date to leave Canada is scheduled on the 4th January I have to leave. I have a common law partner who was married by the deported ex-husband but she filed the Divorce already we´re just waiting for the documents to come and the official Divorce certificate so we can get married. We have been together since last year February I want to know if there is a hope for me? I have´t received the prra yet cause I don´t qualify till next year June.

Thank you I´m waiting to hear from your response


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